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    Whether you're growing Plumeria from a grafted plant, a rooted plant, cuttings or seeds, we'll provide you with all the documentation needed to make sure you understand how to take care of your Plumeria and keep them healthy.

  • Camelot is a seedling of Penang Peach; first bloomed in 2009

  • Corona Surprise is a seedling that morphs throughout the year

  • Aurelia is an Emerson's Pink Nova seedling, from 2006, named after Aurelia Kay Norwood

Plumeria Care & Information!

Fertilizing Plumeria

1 What fertilizers should I use for my Plumeria. We can help you understand what fertilizer works best for your growing conditions and help you understand why.

Fertilizing Plumeria

Rooting Plumeria

2 Learn how to root your plumeria cuttings. What to do and more importantly what not to do. Simple instructions and a list of what materials you will need.

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Growing From Seeds

3 Growing Plumeria from Seeds is a very rewarding experiences and simple to do. We are ready to help you get started. From selecting seeds to taking care of your seedlings.

Growing from seeds

Insects & Diseases

4 What insects and diseases are Plumeria susceptible to? How to identify them? What are the best treatments and what are the best preventive practices.