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Transporting a large plant … oops

IMG 08831

Plans for moving a large potted and blooming Jeannie Moragne. I tell Andy to bring a pickup truck. He brings …

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Identifying a plumeria

Hurricane 2 081411

You spot this beautiful yellow plumeria blooming in your yard, you eagerly go over to check it out up-close and …

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Let it rain!

Rain 249872

In southern California there’s a good chance of getting our first rain this weekend! (Very needed in our drought-ravaged region.) …

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Naming seedlings, why you should wait

Renegade Small

The flowers of the plumeria can change quite a lot over the first few years and not just from the …

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How do I know whether the plumeria seeds are still good?


Plumeria seeds can be kept up to several years.  However, the sooner you plant them, the better rate they will …

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Germinate Plumeria From Seeds


 Germinating plumeria from seed is fun and very rewarding. Seedings that grow from seed have a stronger root system. And …

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Start Seeds By Recycling A Water Bottle


How many water bottles do we just throw out in the garbage or toss in the recycle bin? Here is …

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Low temps are important

427681 10200285164637620 1464712278 N

I find that most plumeria growers are fixated on weather. We know how much it affects the growth and health …

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Freeze! It Can Happen to Anyone

10623519 10202651949287031 8749290477448660680 O

Even though this article was written in 2007, freezing may happen to us all… in remembrance of several noted plumeria …

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Using your flash to manage your backdrop

Singapore With Flash Copy

With digital photography there is NO EXCUSE not to experiment.  Digital photography allows the novice photographer to ‘click away’ and …

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Worm Casting Tea – Especially Great for Seedlings!

IMG 04

I first learned about worm casting tea last year from Mr. Petch on Plumeria Growers. I adapted his advice with …

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Bag Rooting with Coir

Mo Coir 003 650

I tried bag rooting in Phoenix AZ Spring, Summer and Fall using cactus mix, which is what we commonly use …

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Photography tips

Picture13 E1414242582900

Whether you take plumeria photos with a phone, point & shoot, or SLR, these principles will improve their AHHHH factor. …

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Name Change Notice: Pink Ruffle

Pink Ruffle Inflo.title

If you’ve ever purchased Pink Ruffle, the seedling from Carl & Joy Herzog in San Diego, then please know that …

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Winterizing your plumerias


I recently gave this presentation to the South Coast Plumeria Society in Anaheim. I was tasked with addressing the challenges …

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Plumeria Photography – RAW vs. JPG

MG 2994

Plumeria Photography can be one way to enhance you plumeria experience. It helps to understand what happens in the camera when you take pictures. You …

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Plumeria Winter Shelter

DSC 0042

Winter in Santa Barbara is unpredictable. For some, with a little elevation, it is frost free. Unfortunately, for me that …

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How I graft And Tape Small

There are many ways to do grafts and each has its own merits, my main graft is the slant or …

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Seed raising, the Paper Towel method

4.germinated Seeds 1 Week

There are several ways to germinate plumeria seeds, I normally raise them in a mix in trays when doing bulk seeds …

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Chicago Tribune article on plumerias & societies

20140705 184741 21

Here’s a cool slice of history from the Chicago (Chicago?!) Tribune in 2003: A passion for plumeria inspires hobby clubs

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