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Re-potting Plumerias


I like to re-pot my potted plumerias once they wake up late winter or early spring. Potting soil loses its nutrients over time, so it’s good to get some new, nutrient-rich soil in there. Of course, this is expensive to do every year, so at least keep your feeding/fertilizing program up. Here is a video I produced with some techniques …

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Save Your Seeds

20150221 112114

If your plants have seed pods, it’s time to start thinking about trapping the seeds when the pod opens. If …

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Early-Season Feeding Regimen

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I’m a big believer in starting to feed my plumerias toward late winter. Even if the plants aren’t awake yet, …

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Protect your plants in a freeze

20141231 160359

If you have plumieras in the ground and have the occasional cold temperatures, then check out this helpful article on …

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Stumping/cutting back a plumeria tree – why and how

Stumped Treesept 091

Stumping or cutting back a plumeria tree is done for a few reasons, usually it’s due to the tree getting …

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Overwatering your Plumeria


At one time or another we all overwater our plumeria or you may live in a heavy rainfall area and had …

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Ownership of your plumeria photography

Clare Corre Seedling 6 7451

We all experience someone using our photo without permission, well now it’s worth copyrighting CDs full of images. Information you …

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Storing cuttings over winter

DSC 0303

Sometimes it just happens…a branch breaks in a strong wind; a neighbor unknowingly prunes their plant. The fall is NOT …

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A Cold Weather Learning Curve and a New Toy!

Winter Snow

Colder weather brings on new challenges to those of us who grow Plumerias and a scramble to move our “babies” …

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Let it rain! (photo tip)

20141114 070204

Further expounding on my original article with photography tips, here are more examples of how cool blooms look when they’re …

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Look to the Sky #2

Cooktown 042614 E1415898107953

Just a few more examples, based on Mike’s earlier post.

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Is my plumeria dying?

20141108 152048

This is the most common question asked in the late fall. Many new plumeria growers just do not know that …

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Will seed pods survive winter?

20141012 103510

For me, most of the seed pods we get each year start in the late summer/fall. Many folks are concerned …

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Look to the sky! (photo tip)

DSC 9775 E1415853081171

As a continuation of my plumeria photography tips, I want to expound on my previous post. One of my points …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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Plumeria caterpillars

Worms 5

Not what you want to see on a rainy Sunday morning! Friends who have a beautiful Riviera Rainbow plumeria tree …

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DAP – Plumeria Wound Care

DAP Logo11

DAP is a great tool to have for wound care. I use it to seal the tops of my mid …

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Use this, not this, for cutting branches


It’s critically important to get a clean, flush cut when cutting a branch of a plumeria off with the purpose …

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Best Tip: Writing on your Pots

OilMarkerExtraFine MetallicSilver

The best product I have found for writing on my pots is a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen. You can buy …

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Best Tip: Metal Plant Tags – Alternative Uses

20141108 1655261

I have seen many people recommend the metal plant tags, which you can write on with a ball point pen. …

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Save the inflos!!

Blaze Inflo

Inflo is short for inflorescence, or the plumeria’s flower stalk. (See photo right.) Besides producing flowers, the inflo also serves …

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