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Let it rain! (photo tip)

20141114 070204

Further expounding on my original article with photography tips, here are more examples of how cool blooms look when they’re …

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Look to the Sky #2

Cooktown 042614 E1415898107953

Just a few more examples, based on Mike’s earlier post.

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Look to the sky! (photo tip)

DSC 9775 E1415853081171

As a continuation of my plumeria photography tips, I want to expound on my previous post. One of my points …

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A late-season tip

20141106 1643511 E1415322650471

No, I’m not eating that bloom! I learned this trick from my wife. When you’re trying to enjoy your late-season blooms, …

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Plumerias in Southeast Texas: A Story of Addiction

23 IMG 3776 Veg Garden 2 Sm E1415478728699

In the spring of 2000 my husband, Fred, and I were enjoying an afternoon of shopping at a local flea …

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Identifying a plumeria

Hurricane 2 081411

You spot this beautiful yellow plumeria blooming in your yard, you eagerly go over to check it out up-close and …

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Photography tips

Picture13 E1414242582900

Whether you take plumeria photos with a phone, point & shoot, or SLR, these principles will improve their AHHHH factor. …

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Name Change Notice: Pink Ruffle

Pink Ruffle Inflo.title

If you’ve ever purchased Pink Ruffle, the seedling from Carl & Joy Herzog in San Diego, then please know that …

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Remembrance: Jim Clark

Tropic World 393405 10151219053428200 375700500 N

Jim Clark of Fallbrook, CA (in San Diego’s north county) was a very famous and much respected plumeria enthusiast and …

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Registered Plumeria Cultivars

PSA Logo ORIGINAL Milts 4a1

Click on the link below for a list of registered plumeria cultivars as of August 2014 PSA-Registered-Cultivars-Aug-2014

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My first plumeria

DSC 3584.1

Bud Guillot has discovered many famous varieties over his decades of plumeria experience, Wildfire, California Sally, San Miguel, and more. …

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Allison H. P.2

I just united these two beauties today and wanted to share with you.

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Braggin’ Rights

Tape Measure 27121816

To some, bragging about their plumerias is paramount. Come to think about it I must be in that category when …

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Taking good pix of dark plumerias

20141001 184925

It has been a longtime struggle of plumerians to get decent photos of our dark-colored blooms. Something always seems to …

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Plumeria/Frangipani AKA’s

20140927 065603

AKA’s  (Also Known As) to be added to: Apricot Rose – Antique Pink, Burnt Orange Aussie Common Pink – Ozzie …

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The Moragne Plumerias

20140707 185836 2

Here’s a great article on Bill Moragne’s famous first attempt at manual pollination (1953). What’s your fave Moragne? (Jeannie Moragne …

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The Classic Celadine


People often use the unfortunate word “common” for Celadine (aka Hawaiian Yellow, Hawaiian Lei). I prefer “classic.” In the plumeria …

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