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Stumping/cutting back a plumeria tree – why and how

Stumped Treesept 091

Stumping or cutting back a plumeria tree is done for a few reasons, usually it’s due to the tree getting …

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Storing cuttings over winter

DSC 0303

Sometimes it just happens…a branch breaks in a strong wind; a neighbor unknowingly prunes their plant. The fall is NOT …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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DAP – Plumeria Wound Care

DAP Logo11

DAP is a great tool to have for wound care. I use it to seal the tops of my mid …

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Use this, not this, for cutting branches


It’s critically important to get a clean, flush cut when cutting a branch of a plumeria off with the purpose …

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Winterizing your plumerias


I recently gave this presentation to the South Coast Plumeria Society in Anaheim. I was tasked with addressing the challenges …

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How to Grow Plumeria from Cuttings

DSC 0303 E1412486602984

Cuttings for propagation should be at least 1 foot long. ALLOW THEM TO DRY in a ventilated area until the …

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