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Overwatering your Plumeria


At one time or another we all overwater our plumeria or you may live in a heavy rainfall area and had …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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Plumeria caterpillars

Worms 5

Not what you want to see on a rainy Sunday morning! Friends who have a beautiful Riviera Rainbow plumeria tree …

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Do You Have Mealybugs?


Do you see white or light yellow spots along the center stem of your leaf? Do you see a curled …

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When a bleed is not a virus

A20130929 175359

These days a lot of people tend to panic when they see a bleed in their plumeria flowers thinking that …

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Will The Real Black Tip Fungus Please Stand Up!


What is true Black Tip Fungus? Many people see black on the tip of their Plumerias and immediately say “I’ve got Black …

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