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Re-potting Plumerias


I like to re-pot my potted plumerias once they wake up late winter or early spring. Potting soil loses its …

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Early-Season Feeding Regimen

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I’m a big believer in starting to feed my plumerias toward late winter. Even if the plants aren’t awake yet, …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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Plumerias in Southeast Texas: A Story of Addiction

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In the spring of 2000 my husband, Fred, and I were enjoying an afternoon of shopping at a local flea …

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Worm Casting Tea – Especially Great for Seedlings!

IMG 04

I first learned about worm casting tea last year from Mr. Petch on Plumeria Growers. I adapted his advice with …

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Winterizing your plumerias


I recently gave this presentation to the South Coast Plumeria Society in Anaheim. I was tasked with addressing the challenges …

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My Late Season Plumeria Cocktail

DSC 0004

I usually feed my plants this mix in early November before the plants go to sleep. I don’t use any chemical …

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Growing Plumerias

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Although there are general do’s and dont’s with plumeria, I recommend that growers continually try to experiment with what they …

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with plumeria

Hydrogen Peroxide Kitchen Cleaner Maid Sailors

Hydrogen Peroxide can be very beneficial in plumeria growing, especially with seeds and seedlings. I have been using it now …

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Making Sense of a Fertilizer Label

NPK Chart E1412652821845

You want to make sure your Plumeria are getting the nutrition they need, but there are so many choices when …

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