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Save Your Seeds

20150221 112114

If your plants have seed pods, it’s time to start thinking about trapping the seeds when the pod opens. If …

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Will seed pods survive winter?

20141012 103510

For me, most of the seed pods we get each year start in the late summer/fall. Many folks are concerned …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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Improving Seed Germination

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Planting seeds is becoming more and more popular, there are several ways to go about this and there are things …

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Naming seedlings, why you should wait

Renegade Small

The flowers of the plumeria can change quite a lot over the first few years and not just from the …

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How do I know whether the plumeria seeds are still good?


Plumeria seeds can be kept up to several years.  However, the sooner you plant them, the better rate they will …

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Germinate Plumeria From Seeds


 Germinating plumeria from seed is fun and very rewarding. Seedings that grow from seed have a stronger root system. And …

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Start Seeds By Recycling A Water Bottle


How many water bottles do we just throw out in the garbage or toss in the recycle bin? Here is …

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Worm Casting Tea – Especially Great for Seedlings!

IMG 04

I first learned about worm casting tea last year from Mr. Petch on Plumeria Growers. I adapted his advice with …

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Seed raising, the Paper Towel method

4.germinated Seeds 1 Week

There are several ways to germinate plumeria seeds, I normally raise them in a mix in trays when doing bulk seeds …

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An easy seed propagation set up

20131026 150727

Growing plumeria seeds in the colder months is becoming more popular these days as it gives us something to do …

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with plumeria

Hydrogen Peroxide Kitchen Cleaner Maid Sailors

Hydrogen Peroxide can be very beneficial in plumeria growing, especially with seeds and seedlings. I have been using it now …

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Starting seed pods by hand

20140426 135007

Pollinating a frangipani/plumeria flower by hand. For those wanting to induce seed pods the following is a simple way to …

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Make A Seed Tray From Egg Carton – Video


Here is a short video I made showing you how to make a really good, reusable seed tray from clear egg cartons. …

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Growing plumeria from seeds

20131221 100807

What are those funny like things hanging from my favorite plumeria? They look like a giant propeller or a banana. …

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Rooting Plumeria Seeds, Water Method

0011 097

Growing plumeria seedlings is one of the most exciting parts of plumeria culture.  There is nothing more mesmerizing than to watch your …

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