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Early-Season Feeding Regimen

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I’m a big believer in starting to feed my plumerias toward late winter. Even if the plants aren’t awake yet, …

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Protect your plants in a freeze

20141231 160359

If you have plumieras in the ground and have the occasional cold temperatures, then check out this helpful article on …

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Storing cuttings over winter

DSC 0303

Sometimes it just happens…a branch breaks in a strong wind; a neighbor unknowingly prunes their plant. The fall is NOT …

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A Cold Weather Learning Curve and a New Toy!

Winter Snow

Colder weather brings on new challenges to those of us who grow Plumerias and a scramble to move our “babies” …

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Is my plumeria dying?

20141108 152048

This is the most common question asked in the late fall. Many new plumeria growers just do not know that …

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Will seed pods survive winter?

20141012 103510

For me, most of the seed pods we get each year start in the late summer/fall. Many folks are concerned …

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A thorough overview of plumerias


This is a PowerPoint presentation I did for the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners and visitors. I tried to cover all …

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Let it rain!

Rain 249872

In southern California there’s a good chance of getting our first rain this weekend! (Very needed in our drought-ravaged region.) …

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Low temps are important

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I find that most plumeria growers are fixated on weather. We know how much it affects the growth and health …

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Freeze! It Can Happen to Anyone

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Even though this article was written in 2007, freezing may happen to us all… in remembrance of several noted plumeria …

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Winterizing your plumerias


I recently gave this presentation to the South Coast Plumeria Society in Anaheim. I was tasked with addressing the challenges …

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Plumeria Winter Shelter

DSC 0042

Winter in Santa Barbara is unpredictable. For some, with a little elevation, it is frost free. Unfortunately, for me that …

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My Late Season Plumeria Cocktail

DSC 0004

I usually feed my plants this mix in early November before the plants go to sleep. I don’t use any chemical …

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Winter Care in a Mild Climate

Winter at Bud's house in so cal

From their native, tropical habitat, plumerias have adapted well in many diverse climates throughout much of the world where admirers/worshipers have …

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Houston We Have a Problem!

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This is the second year in a row that we in Houston and Southeast Texas have survived a series of …

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Winterizing Plumerias


  This article was written with Arizona and other Southwest areas in mind, but much of the information applies to …

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My Greenhouse Journal

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Greenhouse Growing Mike Atkinson wrote an article on the use of a Greenhouse for Plumeria.  I think most Plumeria Growers …

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What I use a greenhouse for

DSC 3370

I’ve used greenhouses for growing plumerias for a few years now. It’s a vital part of my growing program. This …

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