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How do I know whether the plumeria seeds are still good?


seeds1Plumeria seeds can be kept up to several years.  However, the sooner you plant them, the better rate they will germinate.  No matter how well you grow your seeds, what method you are using or how expensive your growing station are, if you start with bad seeds – nothing will grow from them! 

You will need to soak the seeds in the water overnight and it will give you a hint.  Some might suggest that good seeds will sink and bad seeds will float.  Well, not all the sinking ones are good and not all the floating ones are bad! When the mass of matter is greater than the water they will sink anyway.  Just like a leaf that left in a pool.    Here is a simple way to test whether the seeds are good or bad.seeds2

1. Visual Test – you should be able to see the inner part of the seeds (cotyldon) through the skins.   Good seeds are a white or light color. Bad seeds are a black or dark color. When the cotyldon is dead from the inside, the seed is no longer germinatable.

2. Touch Test –  give it a light squeeze.   Good seeds are firm because they are live, and bad seeds are soft and mushy because they are rot.

Give it a try!  Now you can germinate your seeds with better success by starting with good seeds to begin with!


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